Emeritus Professor Alan Underwood Councillor


Professor Underwood has more than fifty-years-experience in the computing industry. In addition, he brings over forty-years leadership experience in the university sector.

For many years, he was the Head of the School of Information Systems at the Queensland University and was the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology for extended periods.


Professor Underwood is a past National President and Vice President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). He was elected as a Fellow of the ACS in 1993 and Honorary Life Member in 1994. In his capacity as a member of the ACS Membership Board, he conducted numerous accreditations of IT courses in Australian universities.

He authored the Core Body of Knowledge document used as the basis for accreditation of these courses and for establishing the skills (qualifications and experience) criteria for people contemplating migrating to Australia under the Migration Regulations 1994.

Alan served as the Assistant Secretary General of the South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) (1992 –2001) and he was also a foundation member of SEARCC’s Special Regional Interest Group in Professional Standards and the Chair of the Special Regional Interest Group in Software Engineering Education and Practice. In 1994, Professor Underwood was appointed to the Australian Privacy Advisory Committee for a three-year term by the Governor-General of Australia.

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