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A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be.” – Tom Landry

There’s a natural drive within us as humans to grow, improve and move forward with clarity and conviction. It has driven us to the great heights of industrial, technological and medical advancements that we see around us today. Although this powerful underlying desire could be described as “the life force of growth”, it alone is not enough for the majority of people to find their own version of success.

Stats collected by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics and other sources paint a bleak picture for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

For any such business founded in a given year, 20% will fail before the end of the first year, 30% will fail in the second, 50% in year five, and about 70% will have failed by the end of year 10. Considering 82% of the capital used to fund SMEs comes from the pockets of the entrepreneur and their family and friends, it can be a very costly endeavour.

Measuring contentment or fulfilment for each individual is a much more difficult task. I would confidently declare it to be an impossible one, considering the complexity and diversity of human neurology, biology and experience. It’s difficult to pinpoint what causes an individual to feel content and fulfilled in life. It is not, however, impossible for each individual to find happiness and contentment given the right knowledge and guidance.

At IBR, we are always keeping an eye out for companies that can really make a difference in people’s lives. Following a recent conversation with founder and CEO of Anvia Holdings Inc. ($ANVV) Ali Kasa, it became very clear to us that Anvia is one such company. Anvia is a global technology corporation whose mission it is to make personal and professional growth accessible to all.

Anvia first established itself in building out the first complete ecosystem for the construction industry. The integrated platform provides a full suite of options for individuals looking to up skill or to gain the qualifications needed for employment in construction. It also provides employer solutions, allowing them to get the most qualified graduates to benefit their workplace.

What really excites us however is the new direction the Anvia team is taking.

Last week, Anvia announced that it has acquired Egnitus Inc and its subsidiaries trading under the brand Egnatium. Egnatium allows Anvia to use the framework that they have developed and deployed so well in the construction industry, but on a much broader scale.

Egnatium is a leading global ecosystem of business and personal growth experts. It has been conveniently separated into distinct platforms for the convenience of the user. They provide a network of qualified and experienced coaches to teach the skills required to lead a successful and fulfilled life. Whether it is for business or for personal growth, Egnatium has a solution.

Most of us are aware of Tony Robbins, Deloitte and KPMG and the many benefits people and businesses have gotten from such services. Big corporations regularly use life and business coaches like Mr. Robbins or business consultancy firms such as Deloitte and KPMG. The problem is these services can cost more than most businesses and entrepreneurs make in a year! Egnatium is a first of its kind platform that helps level the playing field by making such services available to everyone at a fraction of the cost. Some of the services provided by Egnatium include:

 Egnatium Life – Platform created to help you design and implement your life plan to achieve personal fulfilment and lead an extraordinary quality of life.

 Egnatium Learning – Provides the coaching and framework to enhance ones learning skills, human capacity building, improved business strategies and much more.

 Egnatium Entrepreneurs – Coaches, learning modules and tools to teach anyone the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur.

Considering this is a very brief overview of some services provided by Egnatium, one can quickly understand the benefits and the potential for growth. Each platform comes equipped with a list of coaches, learning modules and services designed to manifest growth in that specific area. The products and services at varying and very affordable price points give the ordinary person a chance to avail of expertise for a fraction of what it previously cost.

In a separate press release last Friday, Anvia also announced the acquisition of Xamerg Pty Ltd, an Australian Vocational Education institution, trading under the brand Eagle Academy. The Eagle Academy is an online learning platform that specialises in business, fitness, sports and recreation, and English courses.

Adding Eagle Academy to their expanding portfolio of online learning platforms is another statement of intent from Anvia. What we see from Anvia today is a company growing via smart acquisitions, and a clear vision and we love it. Our conversations with Mr. Kasa made it clear to us that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We expect big things from Anvia.

IBR will release a full report on Anvia Holdings in the coming weeks.

David and the IBR Team

Symbol:                                 ANVV

Exchange:                             OTC

Stock Price:                          0.735

Market Cap:                         20.73M

52 Week Range:                   0.51 – 1.70

Shares Outstanding:          19.27M

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